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Step 1: Preparation 

PREPARATION. Get ready to have a productive day! Set goals, plan, and prioritize your activities. Translate your lofty, long-term goals into actionable tasks you can work on today.

  1. Track my long-term aspirations; I conduct regular reviews of my yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals.
  1. Maintain organized to-do lists; I know what I should be working on every minute of the day.
  1. Prioritize my work; I complete tasks in order of importance.

Step 2: Reduction

REDUCTION. Eliminate things that slow you down! Evaluate commitments, inefficiencies, and meetings. Discover your low-value activities and focus on important task.

  1. Know which tasks yield the greatest return on investment for my time; I consistently work on high-impact activities.
  1. Revisit workflow processes with my co-workers; I continually focus on improving my efficiency.
  1. Avoid spending time in irrelevant, unnecessary meetings; I work to make meetings more efficient and effective.

Step 3: Order

ORDER. Get organized! Create the systems you need to stay on top of things.

  1. Use a time management system that works perfectly for me; I’m able to capture, organize, track, and execute appointments and tasks effectively.
  1. Process incoming information quickly and easily; I sort and store my paperwork, phone calls, email, and action items in an orderly fashion.
  1. Keep my desk and workspace neat; I maintain well-ordered files.

Step 4: Discipline

DISCIPLINE. Maintain productive behaviors! Practice self-control, eliminate procrastination, and reduce perfectionist tendencies. Focus on doing what you should be doing, rather than what you want to be doing.

  1. Do what I need to do, even if I don’t feel like it; I work in a disciplined fashion and control my urges to waste time.
  1. Get moving on important tasks long before they are due; I don’t procrastinate on boring or difficult tasks.
  1. Reduce perfectionism, realizing that some things are “good enough”; I get things done quickly and don’t over-do it.

Step 5: Tension

TENSION. Use stress positively! Recognize your signs of overload, increase flexibility, and control your emotions. Maintain control when pushed to the limit.

  1. Refuse requests when appropriate and know how to say no graciously; I set boundaries and protect my time.
  1. Repeatedly consider changes I can make to improve my own work methods and procedures.
  1. Delegate, outsource, or eliminate those tasks that others can do more cheaply; I work on tasks only I can do.

Step 6: Concentration

CONCENTRATION. Stay on target and stop multi-tasking! Learn the four T-Y-P-Es of distractions, discover amazing focus techniques, and achieve a state of F-O-C-U-S- mastered by champions. Discover how to maintain focus on the task at hand.

  1. Refuse to be distracted by technology, co-worker drop-ins, or noise; I have eliminated external distractions in my environment.
  1. Focus on one thing at a time; I limit my multi-tasking to maximize my productivity.
  1. Work in a productive rhythm; I’m able to filter information, prioritize, and work in a regular pattern.

Step 7: Time Mastery

TIME MASTERY. Manage your activities effectively throughout the day! Discover your biggest time wasters, communication obstacles, and scheduling inefficiencies. Run your life, rather than letting it run you.

  1. Avoid timewasters and rarely do anything non-productive; I don’t feel guilty about where I spend time.
  1. Have a bullet-proof follow-up system; I always close the loop with others, and things don’t fall through the cracks.
  1. Schedule my day realistically; I manage my calendar successfully and consistently complete what I’ve planned.

Step 8: Information Management

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT. Use technology to boost output! Share your information, manage your email and keep an empty inbox, and discover cool new technologies. Keep track of the deluge of information effortlessly.

  1. Maintain a system for tracking social media, history, research, action, and reference items; I can immediately find what I want when I want it.
  1. Process email efficiently and empty my inbox at least once a day; I have no more than one page of unread email.
  1. Use my technology and devices efficiently and to their fullest extent; I have the right apps, software, and tools to help me be more productive.

Step 9: Vitality

INFORMATION VITALITY. Focus on yourself! Boost your energy levels, discover how health impacts productivity, and practice good self-care. Increase your capacity, so you can perform at your best.

  1. Take frequent breaks at work to recharge my energy and creativity; I rest and avoid working non-stop.
  1. Pay attention to my health; I get adequate sleep, exercise, and nutrition.
  1. Pamper myself on a regular basis; I practice great self-care.

Step 10: Equilibrium

EQUILIBRIUM. Spend time correctly across all areas of your life! Articulate your core values, your personal mission statement, and discover what “balance” means for you. Make the proper personal choices and work at a realistic level.

  1. Allocate my time according to my values; I spend my time in ways that reflect the top priorities in my life.
  1. Abide by a personal mission statement for my life; I make decisions on new commitments based on my goals.
  1. Spend ample time with my loved ones; I am not a workaholic (and my loved ones would agree with me).

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