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The End Game by Bo Porter with Debbi Taylor

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“Sports is an institution of higher learning.” -Bo Porter



Bo Porter’s new book, The End Game, draws from his life experiences which includes 20 plus years in professional sports as a player, coach, manager, television network analyst, mentor and philanthropist. His book analyzes what Real Excellence in sports and life looks like, and why some players have managed to master “The End Game.”

Sports in America is capitalistic and media driven. We have all witnessed the negative coverage of athletes during recent scandals. But those same media outlets can help athletes build a capital empire that extends beyond an ability to play sports….if they have been properly prepared for the limelight.

So what exactly is “The End Game?”  

Playing sports is a career with a timeline. Which means at some point the games will end! However, the impact of sports can give athletes timeless attributes such as education, character development, fortitude, understanding the value of teamwork and contributing toward the overall good of others, leadership, time management, the ability to perform under pressure, professionalism and a servant heart. The End Game goes beyond “play ball” and focuses on Real Excellence on and off the field. It’s a realistic look at how and why athletes should prepare for tomorrow… today.

People who have reached great milestones in life state that some of their best character development moments came from competitive sports. The End Game looks at the impact of sports in four fundamental concepts:

  • “The REason” we play sports, and why sports exist
  • “The REsponsibility” of participating parties and how they impact the development of those playing sports
  • “The REality” of a career in sports, including the chances of becoming a professional athlete and the options
  • “The REwards” that one can achieve from playing sports

When properly executed, these four fundamentals yield whole person development and bridge present and future success in all aspects of your life.


This book is a powerful resource for a wide range of readers. Some may view sports simply as a form of entertainment or an extracurricular activity. But The End Game gives its readers a different perspective about the true essence of sports; our greatest recreational activity. Sports, in reality, is an institution of higher learning for those willing to adapt and apply “tried and true” principles. The End Game speaks to parents thinking about signing their child up for competitive sports, inspires young athletes considering a career in sports, and resonates with well accomplished professional athletes whose playing careers will end at some point. This book can also help coaches, academic teachers and administrators, community leaders, media professionals, and corporate executives charged with hiring the right people for their company. Countless others may simply be interested in why sports play such a major role in society. Bo Porter covers all the bases of sports and life, while offering a compelling insider look at “The End Game.”

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