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Bo was outstanding! His discussion about his leadership experiences gave our members a perspective of safety management from a point of view they rarely see. Bo linked his experiences to challenges our members see on a regular basis and give them possible solutions they had not considered. Bo encouraged our members be relentless in the things they can control, like their knowledge of the profession, and surround themselves with a team of individuals who push them to be better every day. I highly recommend Bo Porter for any speaking engagement you have, he is highly professional and one of the most engaging speakers I have worked with.

– Jeron Quincy, President – ASSP Gulf Coast Chapter

Deputy Regional Vice President – ASSP Region III

Mr. Bo Porter inspired my team and me to step up to the plate. During the presentation he spoke about being an advocate, work ethic, and actively communicating. Three key points that I think are important when building a solid team. Mr. Bo Porter did great and I hope to have more professional training and team building events in the future. Thank you for the experience.
– Mervin Augustin, Community Management, Corvias

Bo is an inspired leader and committed advocate. During our collaborations, he’s always thinking of the impact that his programs and partnerships [have on] the end game. Because of Bo’s focus on key strategic priorities and benchmarks along the way, it’s been my experience that philanthropists and investors easily recognize how their support will make a difference, and therefor choose to join us. Bo is NOT a dilettante athlete – rather, his incredible work ethic, intelligence and leadership skills make him a force for good.
– Lisa Anne Thompson Taylor, CGT

The speaker Marquis “Bo” Porter, inspired me to believe in the process of one reaching their full potential when it is there time. Porter’s main job in Major League Baseball is to inspire and shape leaders to reach their full potential. Porter is a prime example of how you can grow up in a town where you have constant reminders of people of wanting to see you fail, but if you overcome the obstacles you can become successful. Porter was given the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and a spoken person for leadership and change. Porter’s presentation explained the traits of a leader.

Ported asked “why is leadership important”, Leadership is important because its if you want to have growth and prosperity in your future endeavors. Leadership is also important because it’s the number one reason why and how companies flourish. Two of Porter’s trait stood out to me because they are the traits you need when pressure becomes too much. Trait six which is Courageous, willing to take on challenges that are not easy and less traveled. Trait ten which is Composure, standing tall and strong when a challenge comes and not showing weakness when feeling pressured. Those two traits are the main ones that shape a leader and help become successful in a company.
– Asya Dezurn

“The job of the leader is to enhance the value of assets and sustaining growth. This can only happen by developing leaders at every level and getting them aligned and energized.” – Bo Porter

On Thursday April 20th, I had the opportunity to attend a session for my jogging class on the topic of leadership. At first, I attended the session for the purpose of obtaining extra credit for the course but after arriving, I realized that the session concerned one of my interests. I have been interested in leadership development and how to refine my approach to leadership since starting my journey in academia on the undergraduate level.

Bo Porter, an accomplished baseball player, and assistant general manager for the Atlanta Braves was the speaker. Mr. Porter, with his extensive background in sports, captivated everyone in attendance with his expertise on how to effectively build great leaders, while leaving a lasting legacy that will impact future generations. Mr. Porter’s presentation, “The Traits of a Leader”, highlighted the 12 steps he believes help to create leaders in life, sports and business. The trait that resonated with me the most was trait 12, “Duplicate Themselves – Leaving a Legacy”. This trait stuck out to me because it was the last on the list and it was the culmination of all the traits. Duplicating oneself to leave a legacy is important because if one is passionate about a certain business, topic, lifestyle, etc then he or she must be willing to put in the necessary work to inspire, mentor and help others achieve the same success and understand the significance in ensuring the success of future generations. I am glad I attended the session, it has sparked much thought in how to hold myself accountable, make better decisions and aspire to inspire others to lead and with purpose.
– Daniel Rich

During the semester, Bo Porter, a well-known athlete and entrepreneur. He is an inspirational speaker that helps to teach young students and professionals how to become a leader in the world that we live in. He also provides a safe environment for children to have recreational activities and teach how to play sports the way that major leagues play them. His twelve levels of characteristics help to create a leader out of everyday people. These steps are more than just characteristics that a person needs to have in order to obtain and keep a leadership role, they are types of relationships that need to be established between the leader and those that are being led.

From his presentation, the biggest takeaway that I got, was to lead by example. Doing so creates trust between you and those that you leading as well as teaching others how to be productive and get the job done. Another portion of this was to create a legacy. This basically is saying that you need to be able to replicate yourself in other people to help others obtain leadership roles. This in turn helps to grow your business and only enhances the spread of entrepreneurship. By being able to replicate oneself, this will also trickle through the ranks by bringing in people that are like-minded and provide a healthy functioning work environment.

I found the speech by Bo Porter to be extremely inspirational and very broad with very specific examples. He was able to capture the attention of the room as a leader should be able to. His leading by example and spreading his story inspired me to look for such opportunities in my own life, and if they don’t seem to be present, then I now know how to make them possible for myself.
– Edward Leedy

Here’s a summary of the things that I remembered/identified with from Mr. Porter’s lecture:

He is invested in developing the next wave of leaders so that they can edify and inspire others. In fact, he defines leadership as the ability to increase the value of those you are charged to lead. I appreciated his takes on communication, compassion, enthusiasm, and self-care. It was these messages that specifically resonated with me because I believe I need to address these areas the most in order to become a more effective leader.

I sometimes struggle with communicating and relaying compassion effectively. Additionally, sometimes we become so inundated with tasks of our day or our responsibilities that we neglect ourselves. It directly affects our ability to be enthusiastic which can impact others perception of us. I intend to keep these messages in mind as I develop as a leader and expand my realm of influence.
– Nigel Dunn

I recently went to See Bo Porter. In the discussion he focused on what are the traits of being a leader. He passed out a paper which showed that there are 12 steps before you become a leader. For each step he gave a brief overview. The trait that stood out to me the most was Trait 6- Courageous. Willing to take the road less traveled and doing not what is easy, but what is right! This stood out to me because since I have been in college, once I reached my sophomore year I noticed school work was getting harder.

That’s when I had the mindset of if the route is easy I’m going to take it regardless if its right or wrong as long as I pass. After Bo Porter spoke to us, he made me realize nothing in life is easy. To be a leader you have to lead by example. If you take the negative route, regardless of how many followers you have behind you, you truly will not be a leader. His discussion actually inspired me to take the right path and never give up on what you want to do no matter how tough the situation is and to not become another statistic.
– Timothy Capers

After attending the leadership conference, I was very impressed with Mr. Bo Porter. I went in to the presentation not expecting to get much out of it, but boy was I wrong. Porter’s message was right on target for the audience he was speaking to. Not only was it insightful, but his suggestions for incorporating “Traits of a Leader” were very practical as well. I instantly related to his common-sense approach and storytelling. Also, his ability to promote self-reliance, self-responsibility along with ideas on how to motivate yourself during difficult times was inspiring. Moreover, of all the twelve traits that were mentioned, I feel “CONFIDENT” was a very important one. This is because, as leader you must be sure of yourself and your abilities. How would you expect someone to believe in you and your abilities if you do not believe in yourself? I also believe that most people feel if they show too much confidence, others will think of them as arrogant. The reality is people want to know what you know for sure — and what you don’t. Having the confidence to say “I don’t know” is a powerful skill as well. Overall, Porter’s message was universal whether it is for sports, work or life. Furthermore, I appreciated his coming to Morgan and offering another tool for us to be successful.
– Brittney Daniels-Branch

Marquis “Bo” Porter is a true definition of an entrepreneur. He was various accolades and accomplishments that I would love to reach one day. I was intrigued looking at his background because he could’ve played professional ball for either baseball or football. He played for 3 basketball teams cubs. Oakland, and texas. Furthermore, he coached for 4 major league teams being the marlins, diamondbacks, nationals, and braves. Those are all amazing teams, however I was also fascinated by where he was from being Newark, New Jersey because I’m actually from the same place. So it’s always good to see someone from your neighborhood make it and become a role model.

​Bo Porter’s empowerment event gave me a lot of knowledge and I learned so much things about his foundation. Which is Bo Porter Enterprise, I enlightened us on the true traits of a leader, it takes 12 traits before you officially become a leader. The first trait to becoming a leader is being Truthful then the list goes on. Compassionate, Great Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Rich Morals, Courageous, Strong Self- Relationship, Enthusiastic, Visionary, Composure, Confident, and Duplicate Themselves. Once you have finally enhanced those 12 steps you will officially reach a leadership statues. However I must say learning those steps and how to inherit them from Mr. Porter was hands down the best experience I’ve had in a long time. He really inspired me to follow those traits to become the best leader I can. I feel as though its really important to go by those steps because leadership is key trait in today’s society. To me personally I feel a lot of people don’t have that trait that’s why drug, crime, drinking, and etc rates are so high. No one what’s to enhance that leadership trait to be different or to make a change because they might get judged. I would love to get involved with Bo Porter Enterprise to help make a difference. I will always remember the traits of a leader and how to become that. But more so I will enlighten others to those traits and everything Mr. Porter has taught me. Therefore I will close by saying “The job of the leader is to enhance the value of assets and sustaining growth. This can only happen by developing leaders at every level and getting them aligned and energized”.
– Marquan Russell

The 12 Traits of Leadership lecture was held by Bo Porter, assistant manager to the Braves baseball team. This lecture was intended to help show young adults about becoming responsible leaders of the future following the twelves traits which define a leader. The twelve traits consist of being truthful, compassionate, having excellent communication skills, emotional intelligence, rich morals, courage, having a strong self-relationship, enthusiasm, being a visionary/reality dreamer, having composure, confidence, and self-duplication. These twelve traits are what can create leaders like Bo Porter.

I personally think the lecture gave a strong message. It served as an eye opener for me. After listening to Bo Porter speak I realized I have many things to work on to improve myself. Some of the traits that resonated with me were courage, confidence, and having a strong self- relationship. I see it in my architectural designs where I am very hard on myself and my designs appear to be timid and lacking in boldness. I now have an idea on what I need to improve on after being at the lecture and I think this will help turn myself around for the better. This was my take on the 12 Traits of Leadership lecture.
– Juwan McIntyre

Bo Porter was born and raised in the inner-city Newark, New Jersey, where he faced many obstacles and faced long odds of overcoming his environment and circumstances surrounding his upbringing. Bo Porter is the current assistant general manager and former MLB baseball player. Bo Porter explained how it starts who you hang out with and if they have a negative mind you will end up in bad situations. He constantly talked about how you have to be compassionate in what you do and lead from your heart. Bo porter also explained you must have high standards and want to be the best at what you do. The one example that stuck out to me is when he talked about how Derek Jeter had the same pre-game routine and that’s what made him one of the best. That example really stuck out to me because you must have high energy and become self-motivated to be great.

Mr. Porter also explained how you must branch out and meet new people in order to have a successful business. The example he explained was between Allen Iverson and Grant Hill and how Grant Hill made better business decisions than Allen Iverson and who really invested in their money instead of wasting all of it. Mr. Porter also talked about how so many people inspired him and believed in him which made him a very passionate and like it said towards the end of his speech was leaving a legacy and what will you do for someone to remember you for what you did.

In conclusion Mr. Porter was very passionate and knowledgeable. He really preached about being a true leader and having high standards in all areas. He stated greatness starts in imagination and you must have a vision on what you want to do.
– Marcus Bell

Bo Porter is a current assistant general manager and former MLB baseball player. Bo explained how growing up it was hard, the area where he grew it there wasn’t a lot of success. But Bo envisioned himself being successful and first it was to change the people he hanged around. He explained the people you hang around somewhat affects your future. What Bo porter preached was the traits of a leader. He constantly went over what it takes to be a leader and how great leaders change people around the world.

What stuck with me the most from his speech was when he explained how he affected one of his coworkers and they went and inspired others from him. He planted his seed of success into someone else and then they carried it on. He wanted us to impact others’ lives and continue to build off of it. From a sports aspect and athlete Mr. Porter also talked about how you should create your own business if you have a lot of money like athletes do. He gave an excellent example of how Allen Iverson and Grant Hill both were great NBA players but from a business aspect Grant Hill was a better business decision making NBA player. In conclusion he preached about becoming a great leader and impacting people for the better in the future.
– Christian Bell

Dear Committee,

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Mr. “Bo” Porter as a candidate to speak at your upcoming engagement. On April 20, 2017, the residents and staff of Morgan View Apartments were given the opportunity to receive training jewels about the 12 Traits of Leadership from Mr. Porter. Bo Porter is the Assistant General Manager to the Atlanta Braves. He has over 20 years of experience in the MLB, as a player and coach. He is an entrepreneur and author of two books.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at this leadership institute and came to know Mr. Porter on a personable level as he walked us through the 12 traits of leadership and paralleling experiences, lessons and success tips that led him to where he is today. He was truly a valuable asset to our residents and team members and we believe he would do the same at any arena.

His knowledge and expertise gave all in attendance transferable skills and tips about networking, professionalism, self-care and community. The audience primarily consisted of juniors and seniors and the information and advice given seemed to resonate with all in attendance. As a result of this presentation, our property was selected and presented with the honor of Program of the Month for Community Engagement. Without a doubt, we confidently recommend that he is considered for an opportunity to speak at your next event.

Please feel free to contact me should you need any additional information and I’d be happy to expand on my recommendation.

– Camille Shipman-McQueen

Dear Mr. “Bo” Porter,

It was an absolute pleasure to have you come to Morgan View Apartments On April 20, 2017. The residents and staff of Morgan View Apartments were given the opportunity to receive training jewels from you about the 12 Traits of Leadership.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you at this leadership institute and greatly appreciate you sharing the personal stories of trials and triumph, learning the 12 traits of leadership and connecting the parallels to experiences, lessons and success tips that led you to where you are today. You were truly a valuable asset to our residents and team members. As a result of your presentation, our property was selected and presented with the honor of Program of the Month for Community Engagement.

We truly appreciate you taking the time to present to our residents and staff. Please feel free to contact us should you need any additional information and we would be happy to expand our thanks and continued support.

Thank you & Best Regards,
– Camille Shipman-McQueen

There are rare times when you meet someone who just blows the doors off your expectations. That was my experience when I met Bo for the first time. He has intuitive insights beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. And he has the special gift of taking complex or abstract ideas and breaking them into easily digestible goals and outcomes. But the wonderful gift he gave me was his example of God-given strength and humility. Bo is that special person who truly owns his talents and abilities and freely gives them away. I feel blessed to know Bo and anxiously wait to see what’s next from him!
– Marlo Higgins

We got to know Bo when he coached my son’s summer league baseball team in Houston, Texas. Bo was an exceptional role model – not only for the kids, but also for the parents! He teaches you to set high standards for yourself and commit yourself to excellence – and you realize that you are fortunate to be able to do so. After spending time with Bo, you appreciate that good things happen to those who have a “can do” attitude, deep seated beliefs and a strong character. If you have the chance to work with Bo – take advantage of it.
– Mark Lamp

I have known Bo since he was a young man. To see him grow into the outstanding person he is today has not only inspired my family, but I am also very proud to call him my friend.

I attend two events last fall, listening to and watching Bo speak to those in attendance. One group was to adults and college students and the other group, Jr. High and High School students. He truly touched every individual.

Bo is an outstanding motivational speaker. He speaks from his heart sharing his own life experience. Growing up in a less fortunate community, he understands where life can take you. For him to share how he has achieved great success is motivational in itself, but for Bo to share how to take every tool you have within, and use it to its greatest potential, step by step, is truly inspiring to both young and old.

Bo is a great role model. I highly recommend Bo as a keynote or motivational speaker.
– Elaine Pacha