Keynote Speaking

Bo Porter has a reputation of delivering keynote presentations that influence, inspire, and make a meaningful impact on audiences. Introspective and self-aware, Bo taps into his most powerful interpersonal qualities making himself accessible, engaging, and unique. His ability to share his experiences excite, energize, and truly engage the audience. He understands the value in sharing information openly, honestly, and generously. His confident, caring manner shows as he delivers a meaningful and exciting address.

Bo Porter Speaking Engagements

Bo generally speaks to:

  • Corporations
  • Executive Leadership Training
  • Student Life Skills and Leadership Programs
  • Development Groups
  • Colleges, Universities, and School Districts
  • Professional Sports Leagues and Teams
  • State High School Associations
  • Sports Camps
  • Athletic Banquets
  • Civic, Community, Religious, and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Professional and Social Organizations
  • Youth Organization Conferences
  • Men Organization Conferences

Speaking Topics

*Please note that Speaking Topics are not limited to what is listed here.

Business Seminars and Keynote Speaking Topics
  • “The Makeup of a Champion” – Develop the mindset needed to become a Champion
  • “12 Traits of Leadership” – Developing the Leader within will maximize your leadership capacity and increase your earning power.
  • “The CAPTAIN” – Who’s the Captain of your ship? Is the ship in good hands?
  • “FALL into Greatness” – How to use failure on your path to greatness
  • “The Art of Networking” – Your Network will Impact your Net Worth
  • “Move the Needle and Raising the Bar” – Taking your company from Good to Great.
  • “Develop the Untapped Potential Around You” – For Managers, Supervisors, Directors and Coaches. Why properly evaluating and utilizing your internal assets and liabilities are critical to your present and future success.
  • “Leaders – Don’t Walk Alone” – The Secrets of Building a Winning Team. Teamwork, makes the dream work.
SPORTS Seminars and Keynote Speaking Topics
  • “Preparing for a Championship Season” – The PROCESS
  • “The STANDARD” – Set the Bar for Your Team’s Success. You become what you expect and accept. Winning doesn’t just happen!
  • “Celebrating Our Success Together” – Athletic Banquets
  • “The 7 Unquantifiable Difference Makers” – Character, Makeup, Loyalty, Trust, Ethics, Integrity and Winner
  • “The REal Game” – Preparing for Life After Sports
  • “The END GAME” – Sports is an institution of higher learning
  • “Candidate Profile and Interview Process” – How to prepare and present yourself during the Executive Interview process.
  • “How I FAILED into REal Excellence” – Discover why failure is the key ingredient to accomplishing REal Excellence!
Colleges, Universities and Young Professional Seminars and Keynote Speaking Topics
  • “Goal Setting GPS” – The power, impact and reality of Goal Setting your Global Positioning System
  • “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow” – Preparation, Education and Experiences Yield Results
  • “Where have I Been, Who Am I Today and Where Am I going Tomorrow” – The lessons learned from my Past, the importance of my Present and the outlook of my Future. Learning, growing and visualizing your success.
  • “Overcoming Diversity” – Defeating the Stereotypes and Exceeding Expectations
  • “Against all Odds, Overcoming Insurmountable Circumstances” – Ships don’t sink because of the water around them, ships sink because of the water that gets in them. You’re not your circumstances!
  • “Life in 3D” – Desire, Discipline and Determination – It’s all about “YOU”!
  • “How I FAILED into REal Excellence” – Discover why failure is the key ingredient to accomplishing REal Excellence!

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