Champions of Leadership


Are you leading or performing transactions?

Is your company thriving or surviving?

What impactful leadership can do……..

Today, more than ever, we need impactful leaders who empower others to reach heights they never thought possible. We need our leaders to expand their capabilities and move outside the transactional space and into a transformational space that focuses on long-term solutions rather than short-term gains.

Common values shared by coaches, leaders and champions

A Coach, Leader and Champion all share common values, and here’s what I’ve discovered about the best Coaches, Leaders, and Champions.

  • The best Coaches are leaders who possess the mindset of a champion.
  • The best Leaders are coaches who embody the standards employed by champions.
  • Champions are champions because they coach and lead people to champion causes, whether it’s the person’s own causes or the causes of a collective group, company, organization, or team.

Your invitation from The Coach of Champions

Hi, I’m Bo Porter, The Coach of Champions. I want to coach and lead you because I believe YOU ARE MADE TO BE A CHAMPION. My primary purpose and main function throughout our working relationship and partnership is to help you discover and unleash the champion in you to the world. 

Champions of Leadership is elevating and accelerating transformational leaders because studies prove that effective leadership can negatively or positively impact a company’s profit margins by 15-30% and increase an employee’s career earnings by a staggering 30% or more.

Why do individuals need Champions of Leadership?

Show me someone in a leadership position without a high-performance coach, and I’ll show you a person who’s simultaneously failing to maximize their personal potential and inadvertently minimizing the growth potential of those they are charged to lead. 

Why do companies, organizations and teams need Champions of Leadership?

Show me a company that doesn’t invest in the growth of its people, and I’ll show you a company that’s simultaneously drastically and unknowingly operating a business on the deck of the Titanic. 

Leadership is the only thing that affects everything in your organization.

Checkout Bo Porter, The Coach of Champions live in action

Everyone talks about being a champion and wearing the crown of zero regret, but how many of you are willing to make the necessary deposits to cover what is needed for your championship checks to clear your account? 

Look, I don’t know where you are on your journey to being a champion, but wherever you are, I hope my “YOU ARE MADE TO BE A CHAMPION” mantra ignites the fire of your inner drive and inspires you to take action. 

What’s holding you back from reaching your full potential as a Leader and Manager of people?

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?

Champions of Leadership is a cutting-edge development program adding value through transformational leadership. Let us be your bridge to greatness!

Champions of Leadership is offering three virtual leadership programs:

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