This program will transform managers from task-oriented contributors to operational leaders focused on moving the company’s priorities forward in innovative ways. Participants can expect to gain focus in their efforts and plans, lead and influence more effectively both managing upwards and downwards, and develop a concrete plan for continued acceleration of their leadership and management growth.
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RISE & GRIND CHAMP TALKS, provides aspiring champions with an all-access pass into the hearts and souls of the mentality embodied by champions.

Being a champion is about the continuous and consistent efforts needed to master an uncommon journey that’s in constant battle with the subconscious nature of doing what’s easy.

The mindset of a champion is uncommon and hardwired for the grind associated with the journey of showing up consistently as the best version of yourself.

Your life is like a book and you’re the author, be sure you RISE & GRIND and make your autobiography a best seller.

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Praise from a Satisfied Client

I’ve been in the restaurant business for a couple of decades, so I’ve seen a tremendous amount of leadership trainings and the lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm and level of boredom expressed on the faces and body language of the managers being taught. But today… when I looked around the room, I noticed my team being glued to the screen, taking notes, taking pictures of key points, commenting about things you said, etc… if this is any indicator of what to expect, once we get into the details of the training… I’m elated to know just how much this is going to help my team. They are excited about the classes, and we all look forward to your training!

— Mya Smith-Edmonds, McDonald’s Franchise Owner