About Bo Porter

One of Bo’s most rewarding presentations came when he represented MLB at its annual Elite Development Invitational. EDI has since been renamed the Hank Aaron Invitational to honor the career and life work of the MLB Home Run King. It’s one of Major League Baseballs’ prized diversity initiatives designed to enhance the mission of identifying diverse talent with the ability to excel in the sport and making the game more accessible and desirable to young athletes of color. Bo delivered a resounding message on How I Failed into REal Excellence to the EDI participants, telling them that their ability to […]

Marva Hanks

EQUIP WITH SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT 925-683-2002 mrsmarva@gmail.com Dallas, TX BIO Marva Hanks is a third generation speaker who hails from Holly, MI and brings sophistication to every platform she’s mounted. As a national motivational speaker to parents that have children with special needs, Marva’s proven ability to influence others, has benefited thousands across the nation. After relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area, Marva Hanks became engrossed with the welfare of the public school system. Marva’s role in public service in numerous school districts was influential. As a national motivational speaker to parents that have children with special needs, Marva has […]

Lisa Austin-Granville

Prayer warrior. Minister. Evangelist. Teacher. Motivational Speaker Lisa Austin Granville ordained an Elder in August 19, 2012 as a minister has the responsibilities to preach and teach, administer the Word to the people of God through pastoral guidance, and lead the congregations under their care in service ministry to the world. Before being ordained and since being ordained, Lisa continues evangelize to the disenfranchised and the broken hearted. There is no limit to the vineyard that Lisa will minister to, including the inner city streets, prisons and corporate America, she is unashamed to preach that Jesus Christ is her Lord. […]

Rev. Irving Johnson M.Th

Presenter on Dedicated Cell#862-576-9281 Rev. Irving Johnson M.Th was born in Newark NJ on October 21, 1954 He became a Christian in March of 1997, was licensed to preach in October 2008 and became a fully ordained minister 2010. Rev. Johnson holds a Bachelor’s degree and received his Masters degree in Theology from Eastern Theological Seminary in June of 2008. He is the current ministry leader of Dominion Fellowship Ministries in Newark NJ, where he has served for over 15 year leading several evangelist teams and pastoring. With Dominion Ministries Rev. Johnson has been actively engaged in Street Ministry and […]