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Transformational Leadership 1.2.1, is designed for individuals looking to widen their territory and position themselves as a trusted add value for others. This program provides core training methods that lead to transformational impact on you and those you’re charged to lead. What sets this program apart from all the others is that it’s one on one, and Bo uniquely designs a program specifically for you and your needs.

This program is strategically designed to address the critical factors that hinder you from reaching your full potential. The program will enhance the performance of proven leaders, be the bridge for the newly promoted, and become the fertile ground used by aspiring young leaders proactively preparing for their future roles as executive leaders. 

Transformational Leadership 1.2.1., is holistic in nature and sure to elevate your leadership capacity because we uniquely customize the program around your unique strengths and individual weaknesses. Our goal is to take a 3D look – Discover, Design & Deploy – at your situation and create a leadership model for excellence. 

All first time clients are required to complete the Champions of Leadership Styles & Veracity Assessment (SVA) process.

The Assessment Process

We will meet one-on-one before you go through our Style and Veracity Assessment (SVA) process to help bring clarity to how we need to proceed with your leadership training. The assessment process is critical because it gives us a real-time snapshot of how you’re navigating your leadership assignment.

You are who you are, and our goal is to make sure who you are is the best representation of yourself. Upon completion of the program, you will receive an evaluation of our findings, and we will provide systematic steps you can take to reach your full potential. 

The program schedule will consist of four one-hour virtual sessions with Bo Porter, “The Coach of Champions.” To accommodate those with limited time and busy schedules, this program has flexible scheduling, including weekend hours.

What’s Included 

The investment includes a free consultation call, one-on-one planning meeting, leadership assessment, program materials, virtual interactive learning, collaborative strategic planning, detail evaluation and strategic plan, mentorship program discount, certificate, and optional after-program consulting services.

Platform: Virtual


Transformational Leadership 1.2.1 Business and Executive Development Program
The regular price for this program is $1900.00.  For a limited time receive 50% off and ONLY PAY $950.00.

Transformational Leadership 1.2.1 Coaching and Management Development Program
The regular price for this program is $2500.00. For a limited time receive 50% off and ONLY PAY $1250.00.

Fact Sheet

The investment to be part of these holistic leadership programs and learn directly from Bo Porter, “The Coach of Champions,” starts at only $950. This is the best investment you will ever make because it’s an investment in you and your career. Consider this: You can increase your career earning power by upwards of 30%.

How great would it be to earn an additional 30% every pay period?

Considering Bo’s speaking fees for keynote addresses range from $10,000-$20,000, this is a rare opportunity to be coached by one of the leading mentors and transformational coaches in the leadership development industry.


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