The 2020 MLB Hall of Fame

In Episode 2 of UNFILTERED with Bo Porter. Bo takes a full trip around the bases with Olympic Gold Medal Winner John Cotton and former Major League Baseball Players Roosevelt Brown, Bobby Jones and Bryant Nelson and discusses the: The 2020 MLB Hall of Fame Class The Steroid Era The current MLB Hall of Fame voting process Who should or should not be in the MLB Hall of Fame As we discuss, debate and share our personal viewpoints, I pose these three questions to our viewers and listening audiences: Should former players have a vote to determine who’s inducted into […]

Negro League Museum President Bob Kendrick Interview & Homage to Jackie Robinson

In this much anticipated Introduction Episode of UNFILTERED with Bo Porter we take a short trip around the bases with Negro League Museum President Bob Kendrick and pay homage to the life and career of Jackie Robinson. On April 15, 1947 Jackie was the first African American to play Major League Baseball. So it’s only fitting for Jackie to be the Introduction Episode on UNFILTERED with Bo Porter. Having played, coached and managed Major League Baseball, I am a direct beneficiary of Jackie’s immeasurable efforts and for that I’m forever grateful. On April 15th every year all MLB teams wear […]

Welcome to Unfiltered with Bo Porter: A Sports Podcast

Former MLB player, coach, manager, executive and current network analyst, Bo Porter, founded UNFILTERED to provide those intimately connected to the core of sports a candid voice to discuss topics that challenge the status quo from the mindset of a champion. A champion’s mindset is a growth mindset and Bo is known as “The Coach of Champions”. UNFILTERED will tap into Bo’s almost three decades of experience in professional sports. A career that has witnessed rapid changes in how sports are viewed, played and how its robust revenue has shaped the industry’s decision making across a multitude of sectors. Our […]

The Difference Between Being a Father and Being a REal Dad by Bo Porter “The Coach of Champions”

Many years ago, I realized the difference between a father and a REal Dad. They both may get up and go to work to provide for their family even if they dislike their jobs. Not just to put a roof over their family and food on the table, but also to give them the ability to afford extras like private school, basketball camps, personal trainers, or a family vacation. They both may be physically “present” at their kids’ sports games or events. However, the “difference’” I’m speaking of is deeper, more under-the-surface and more vital to each and every kid. […]

Change vs Transition

The Magic of Opening Day For 24 years and counting, professional baseball has been a major part of my life. Yet, the one feeling that never gets old, is the excitement of Opening Day. Nearly 150 years after its founding, baseball stands above all other sports as America’s national pastime. And no other game during the regular 162-game season is as eagerly anticipated as Opening Day. It’s the one day that every team is tied for first place; and, thousands of fans pile into ballparks across the country to soak in this larger than life experience. My 10-year-old son Bryce […]

MLB.COM: Porter offers advice to youth at Invitational

Original article: By Jake Elman / Special to | July 18th, 2017 VERO BEACH, Fla. — While some motivational speeches tend to repeat cliches, former Astros manager and current Braves executive Bo Porter took a different route on Monday night when speaking to players at the Elite Development Invitational at historic Dodgertown. “The next generation of All-Stars, they’re sitting in this room right here!” Porter told the players. “We’re going to do everything that we can to make sure you’re prepared.” Porter provided players at the Elite Development Invitational with humor, grit and optimism during a 30-minute-long presentation. […]