Welcome to Unfiltered with Bo Porter: A Sports Podcast

Former MLB player, coach, manager, executive and current network analyst, Bo Porter, founded UNFILTERED to provide those intimately connected to the core of sports a candid voice to discuss topics that challenge the status quo from the mindset of a champion. A champion’s mindset is a growth mindset and Bo is known as “The Coach of Champions”.

UNFILTERED will tap into Bo’s almost three decades of experience in professional sports. A career that has witnessed rapid changes in how sports are viewed, played and how its robust revenue has shaped the industry’s decision making across a multitude of sectors.

Our special guests will bring a unique perspective to the storied past of sports and entertainment while consciously accepting the fact that change can infuse new ideas that promote growth. I personally believe people like change. They just don’t like transition. We often like what change eventually produces. We just don’t like having to go through it.

UNFILTERED takes a trip around the bases and covers sports through the viewpoints and experiences of those within the inner circle of sports. On your trip around these bases, you’re assured to gain invaluable knowledge and wisdom from The Coach of Champions and his special guests. Our audience is the fertile land where seeds are planted to not only cultivate transformational growth but also to confirm or debate conventional wisdom and popular opinion.

It’s the growing season and UNFILTERED is here to harvest all those inspired to grow with Bo and champion one of America’s largest capitalistic enterprises, sports, and the engines that drive it. Turn on the faucet and allow UNFILTERED with Bo Porter an opportunity to bring purity to the hearts and souls of the sports and entertainment world.

We have an obligation to share what we know about the game for the betterment of the game. —Bo Porter- 2020

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